CSPs of Regional Rural Banks

Who We are

We provide last mile banking services to the unbanked through our extensive and effective Customer Service Points.            

Our Objective

Bringing the underserved to formal banking channels by reducing their dependence on unorganized money lenders.

Why Choose Us

We ensure client protection by undertaking various service quality initiatives. We are fully committed to providing responsible financing.

Our Work

Through our extensive network of over 14,000+ Customer Service Points (CSPs), we are committed to delivering comprehensive banking services to rural India, encompassing 80% of the country's population. Our goal is to foster inclusive growth by ensuring that our retail CSPs provide all banking services available in a traditional 'Brick and Mortar' branch, enhanced by technology-driven real-time connectivity.


Our Products and Services

Banking Correspondence

We aim to provide end-to-end banking services and financial assistance to rural India through our extensive network of Customer Service Points (CSPs). Our retail CSPs offer all banking services with technology-driven real-time connectivity.

Business Loans

SAVE offers business loans tailored for income-generating activities across micro, small, and medium businesses, trade and services, agricultural and allied activities, and more.

Group Loans

We provide small income generation loans designed to ensure financing reaches each individual member of the group, facilitating financial inclusion and empowerment.

Business Associate

SAVE leverages its extensive network of CSPs to conduct market research, develop business strategies, and identify new opportunities within customer segments not typically part of the mainstream banking system.


SAVE is recognized as one of the largest banking Business Correspondents, dedicated to providing essential banking services to the bottom of the pyramid segment. Our strength lies in effectively reaching the last-mile segment as a financial services distributor for commercial banks, enabled by robust technology platforms.


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We Provide Financial Services

SAVE provides a range of financial services aimed at empowering individuals and businesses. Through SAVE-MFI, we offer microcredit specifically designed for women entrepreneurs engaged in income-generating activities. Additionally, we extend MSME loans secured against collateral from those with informal sources of income, ensuring broader access to financial support across diverse economic segments.

Existing Challenges

The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector faces several challenges, including

  • Absence of adequate and timely supply of finance for working capital.
  • Limited ability for expansion and modernization.
  • High cost of credit and stringent collateral requirements.
  • Lack of proper transportation and warehousing facilities.

Available Opportunities

There are several opportunities within the MSME sector, including

  • Being less capital intensive compared to larger enterprises.
  • Generating employment at various levels of the economy.
  • Acting as an effective tool for promoting balanced regional development.
  • Creating alternate income sources for rural households through the promotion of women-led microenterprises.
Financial Solutions

SAVE offers the following financial solutions

  • Providing collateral-free income-generating loans through women-led Joint Liability Groups (JLGs).
  • Customizing credit assessment and processes to cater to the specific needs of the MSME segment, leveraging either property or cash flow security.
  • Offering debt finance products tailored to the needs of both MSMEs and the consumer segment, supported by specialized processes.

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6370 Cr+

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